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Chiropractic Treatment

Meet Dr Ryan Wong, DC

Practicing Chiropractic Since 2003

Dr Wong enjoys playing the drums, piano, and sports, as well as salsa dancing, and weight lifting in the gym. Dr Wong also gets adjusted once a week, to keep his spine and nervous system healthy so he can continue to serve the community for years to come.

Dr. Wong graduated from the University of California, Davis with a Bachelors of Science degree in Exercise Physiology.

Dr. Ryan Wong then went to Palmer College of Chiropractic, West for 4 years and graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Palmer College of Chiropractic West is the sister school of the first and most respected chiropractic college in the United States (Palmer East).

Dr. Wong has been practicing chiropractic since 2003 and he knows all the latest treatment techniques and research. Many of his patients say "he has warm hands and a great touch." He loves what he does and he gets great results.

Conditions Treated

The most common cause of back pain is a combination of a muscle strain or spasm with inflamation and an associated misalignment of the spine pinching a nerve.

Most healthy backs don't wear out over night. 80% of the time it is an accumulation of "wear and tear" on the vertebra, discs, and nerves. A proper exam will determine the exact cause of your problem.

You can get longer lasting results from a massage After you get a chiropractic adjustment, that realigns your spine and takes pressure off the nerve causing the muscle tightness or spasm.

Exam and X-Ray Coupon
Only $40 (Just mention the massage website)

Not All Chiropractors Have X-Ray
Equipment In Their Office?

Other chiropractors either don't have the resources for an x-ray machine or they like to guess what the problem is. It is inconvenient, time consuming, and more expensive for the patient, to go to an outside facility to get x-rays processed and then have them bring the films back to the chiropractor for evaluation. 

Here at the Chiropractic Health Club, we make it convenient and affordable to get the complete examination. By the way, We Only Take X-Rays if it is Necessary.

Does My Insurance Cover Chiropractic Care?

We accept most major medical insurance plans... but forty eight million Americans have no health insurance, and those that do are finding their benefits reduced. We will be happy to help you determine your insurance coverage. 
         Simply give us a call with your insurance card information and we will do the rest. All we need is your ID#, Date of Birth, and customer service phone number.

Once I've given you a thorough exam, if it is needed, "further care" is very affordable. I'm not trying to seduce you to come see me with this low start up fee, then to only make it up with high fees. Treatments are only $45 per adjustment! "Further care" is important for you to consider when making your health care choices. Health care does have its cost, but without health, what else in life has meaning?

We Accept These Insurances and Many More:
(No Referral Needed)
       --United Healthcare
       --Blue Cross/Anthem Blue Cross
       --Exclusive Care (Riverside County)
       --Kaiser Permanente
       --American Specialty Health (ASH)
       --Secure Horizon
       --Operating Engineers Health & Wellfare Fund
       --UC Riverside Student Insurance
       --Loma Linda University Risk Management
       --United Food & Commercial Workers Unions
       --Southern California Pipe Trades Health & Welfare Fund
       --LANDMARK Healthcare
       --Any PPO's
       --And Many More!

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