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Car Accident Massage

Are you Sore and Aching After a Recent Car Accident?

Is the Pain Medication not working?

Do you get sick from the Strong Medication or Don't want to take it?

Therapeutic Massage Can Help!
Get rid of the problem directly, instead of just cover up the symptoms with medication.

Even Minor "Fender Benders" Can Cause Long Term Damage!

Because car accident impacts happen so fast, there is a lot of force transferred to your body in a very short amount of time, which means you could be injured and not know it until weeks or months later. 

Don't let this happen to you.  Get a Checkup from a Chiropractic Doctor and fix it right away, with chiropractic adjustments and massage.

Dr Ryan Wong, DC
 is a Car Accident Specialist

Medical Payments Coverage on your car insurance policy will cover massage therapy!

We recommend having Med Pay on your car insurance policy because it covers your medical expenses in All car accident scenarios.

For More Information,

Introductory Massage Special

30 min massage for Only $25

60 min massage for Only $39

(Call and mention the "Sports Massage Clinic" website)
(first time only)


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We can also use your
Health Insurance!

(Call us and we will verify your massage benefits for you)

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